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65,90 EUR*

Spitzhacke Holz Werkzeug utlissimo Arbeit und in Notfällen. Holzgriff und Metall Leiter der Abholung demontiert werden, um Platz zu sparen, wenn sie nicht mit der Schale Hauptfarbe:. Grüne Gewicht: ca. 1 kg Maße: 1) cm. 5 Seite 2) cm. 15 Seite ...

11,65 EUR*
Details Ampersand-Scratchbord-Line-Tool

Scratchboard Tools are specially designed to create a variety of detail, texture and exceptional illustrations. The line tool is for thin, controlled detailed work.

4,79 EUR*
Details Perler-Fun-Fusion-Motionator-Tool-

PERLER-Fusion Motionator Tool. This tool will help open fused bead centers so you can then insert Bead-Hinge Motionators (not included). This tool works with a single motionator; quad motionator; peg motionator; pivot motionator; and a small post ...

24,29 EUR*
Details Beadsmith-Metall-One-Step-Looper-tool-5-inch

BEADSMITH-One Step Looper Tool. Trims and loops head pins and eye pins in one easy step! It works will all Vintaj head and eye pins. This package contains one 5 inch tall looper tool. Imported.

4,35 EUR*
Details Catalyst-Contour-Tool-Green-C-24

PRINCETON ART & BRUSH-Catalyst Contour Tool. This tool is designed to work with pastes; gels; and heavy bodied paints. They are also ideal for cake decorators and food artisans. Countours are made of durable nylon with a soft-touch coating; and are ...